August Newsletter 2019

Happy August! The previous month has been a winding river of emotion. There have been goodbyes to some of my sweetest, nurturing, most compassionate friends as we leave what we've known behind, but there have also been some exciting hellos as we branch out into the world and prepare for new chapters of life. I can't wait to see where we all end up!

OT Announcements:

My final level II fieldwork is complete! I said goodbye to the hospital and I've been off exploring the blue ridge mountains trying to refill my creative well. Graduate school was hard! And don't let anyone tell you differently. It challenged me in ways that reshaped the world I knew, but it also left me both physically and mentally exhausted. As grateful as I am for the opportunity and the education, I'm just as grateful that it's over.

The next things on my to-do list for the OT world is to buckle down and study for the NBCOT exam. I have access to all my resources for studying; I just need to do it. Once I get back into the studying routine, I will gladly share any study strategies and tips that I find helpful on this blog.

Author Announcements:

The last couple of weeks have been amazing for my creative process! Advice and feedback I've received over that last year is that if you want to get serious about your writing, you have to treat it like a job. You have to set hours of work for yourself, and show up for it just like you would for anything else. I was hesitant to accept that in the previous years, because I didn't want writing to feel so much like a job that I'd lose the part of it that gave me pleasure. But then I realized, while I can always (and will always) write for myself, I'd also receive a lot of joy if I was able to share my work with the world. Like most things, it's all about finding the right balance. So with that in mind, I have been scheduling time each day to draft and research for my story, and it has made a huge difference with my writing process. Once I force my self to start, the words begin to flow as they should. It's not a perfect process! There's lots of back and forth when deciding how to execute different scenes, but because I've committed myself to the work, even the challenges of writing have become fulfilling. It lets me know this is a craft that I care about and that it's something I must continuously invest time and money in in order to see growth.

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