July Newsletter 2019

Happy July friends! It's the month of true summer. For me that means days of 90+ degree weather, lots of time in and around water, and ice cream comas...

OT Announcements:

I'm on week 9 out of 12 in my final fieldwork location! I have settled into my own flow, and while I'm still learning, I feel more confident in the acute care setting. As fieldwork draws to a close, I have begun to mentally prep myself for studying my licensure exam. I haven't officially started studying, but I plan to start late next month, so I'm trying to prep my notes and gather my resources. I've also started networking for jobs and locations I'm interested in. If you have any student to entry level transitioning tips, feel free to comment and share!

Author Announcement:

The writing process is different for everyone. For me, I find it extremely difficult to type my stories from scratch. I'm a hand-writer through and through! There is something special about the extended time required when I hand-write each page vs. typing it up on a screen. I enjoy the ability to scratch out words, reorder scenes with squiggly arrows, and create impromptu doodles/sketches. It may take me longer to get this draft out, but I love the moments I get to whip out my composition notebook and pen/pencil, and just cuddle with my words and my characters.


My favorite discovery this month has been the Espresso shake from Open Eye Cafe. My roommate and I had a very passionate discussion about how in most coffee shops it's difficult to find a drink the contains the perfect balance of coffee/espresso flavor with chocolate. I enjoy a good mocha, but usually mocha's are more chocolate than coffee. However, I am here to share that the search has ended! Open Eye's espresso shake is everything I've been dreaming of and more. If you're ever in Carrboro, definitely stop by and try it for yourself!

Book of the Month: Dengeki Daisy

A manga series I read as a little nerdy teenager that I have returned to, am I'm enjoying it just at much!

Song of the Month


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