Updates and OT resources.

It has been MONTHS! I know, I know, way too long! But in my defense, I started my first ever official OT job mid- November and it has been non-stop since then! I'm currently finding my way as a school-based OT in a public school system. It has been no easy feat, since I didn't actually do a long-term fieldwork in the schools, but I have been able to transfer some of my outpatient pediatric skills. It's been a wild ride, and I find myself still feeling those highs and lows I mentioned in a previous point, but overall I'm so grateful to be providing services in my student's natural environment.

With COVID-19 among us, a lot of school systems have been trying to find ways to provide support services to students and families who receive OT. My school district has decided not to jump onto the Teletherapy train, due to limited access to technology among our families. Instead, we've been trying to provide both non-technology and technology based resources that can support continued practice with OT related skills without putting too much pressure on families. With that in mind, I wanted to share a newsletter I've created, and plan on sending to families. I wanted to share it here and make it accessible to others OT as well! Please share with anyone who may have kids at home and would like some extra ideas for things to do! I'll add the pdf to the page separately! So please feel free to check it out!

Also, let me just take a minute to say THANK YOU! I'm so grateful to all who are working on the front lines to continue to address needs and provide help and services in a variety of different ways. I'm so grateful for you, God bless!

Til next time



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