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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

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Welcome to my world! I'm an undercover scattered mess. The perfectly chaotic kind that can appear managed and organized, but is a true jumble with thoughts scattered in every direction. Like many, my interests are broad and ever changing, but some constants in my life are my obsession with simple words, mindless wandering through the woods, and my blossoming career as an occupational therapist (OT).

All the pleasant introductions above bring me to this introduction: This is my new virtual space! It'll be a strange gathering of OT related things, and my journey as a potential author. This will be a monthly newsletter disguised as a blog and filled with relevant happenings, updates, announcements, and monthly favorites. Check in every once in awhile. Maybe something will speak to your spirit...

OT Announcements: ACUTE CARE FW

Four weeks of acute care are behind me, and I have 8 more to go. Acute care is fast-paced, filled with medical complexity, and it's unpredictable. I absolutely love it! I enjoy change and variety, and the acute care setting provides that daily. And as a student, I learn something drastically new everyday! But it can also be emotionally exhausting. I meet people in very acute stages of disease and disorder, and everyone handles that reality differently. I'm always looking for more tips to facilitate my own health and well-being while in this dynamic setting, but here's what has worked for me thus far:

1. Creating routine wherever I can: I have morning and night routines that me ease in and out of each day. I intentionally go through them at a slower pace to balance out the quicker pace of acute care.

2. Debriefing the good and the bad with friends and families: I share the stories that lit my spirit and broke my heart to the people who are close to me. Letting it go with people that I can trust is one my biggest coping strategies through life. It's a habit that gets me through difficult times. And during the good times, it keeps me grateful.

3. Taking some extra time to research new info outside of FW: Especially during these first couple weeks! I jot down words and topics in a small notebook during the day, and then once I'm home I use articles and textbooks to find the answers to any lingering questions.

Author Announcements

Most writers have a special moment. You know the one...it's when you have a project that you have been dreaming about night and day. The one that you know if you take the time and do the work, it's the one you want to be published.

Well, I've found my project! I've been writing this particular story since I was in the 3rd grade! But the final details of the foundation of the story have just come together within the last year! All that is left for the beginning of this process is for me to make the time to sit my bottom down and write it!


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