You Graduated! Hooray! Now What?

Transitions are wild, unkempt, tricky little beasts. They come for us all, and as they hit, still, it feels as if it’s without warning. They are filled with the bittersweet, and if we look, we can see both fanning out from either side of us, each fighting to be heard, seen, felt first.

This has been my season of life, a ride of change. I was certain things would finally settle. I finished school, I passed my test, I earned my license. But stillness escaped me. I jumped from comfort and dived deeper into a foreign ocean. It’s dark below, and for once, I welcomed the darkness. And as I dived deeper, outlines turned into shapes, and shapes into details, and soon things began to make sense.

I make a living trying to help others create routine, stability, independence, and yet, here I was being pulled from all directions, and I’ve forgotten what routine is. But it comes to me, day by day, week by week, I still. And now, here I am…


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